Windows 12 and Qualcomm Oryon processors will not support Arm32 apps

What you need to know

  • Arm32 apps will not be supported by Windows 12 or Qualcomm’s upcoming Oryon processors.
  • Microsoft shared the fact during Build 2023 and noted in a support document that “support for 32-bit Arm versions of applications will be removed in a future release of Windows 11.”
  • Many Arm-based applications have been upgraded to Arm64, so many popular apps will be unaffected by the change.

Microsoft Build is about to wrap up. At the conference Microsoft announced several improvements to Windows and the company’s apps and services. But as highlighted by XDA, Microsoft is also going to take away a feature from its flagship operating system. Luckily, the change won’t affect many people.

During a session of Build 2023, we got word that Qualcomm’s upcoming Oryon processors and the next major version of Windows will not support Arm32 apps. 32-bit Arm apps aren’t very common these days, as many have been upgraded to Arm64 or x86, but you may see a few apps stop working.

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