What you need to learn about Dragon Tiger baccarat

Dragon Tiger shares a lot of features with baccarat, and it is one of the biggest reasons why players are mostly having a tough time winning in it. However, when armed with the right tips and tricks, players can come up with a big steal and rack up huge prizes.

For those who had the chance to play Dragon Tiger, you can say that this game of chance really takes a toll on anyone who lost in their sessions. You can relate to the ire of many players who have fallen short when it comes to betting on this game. This is why you need to learn more techniques to give you an edge all the time.

Dragon Tiger baccarat works almost the same as the original game, but you need to know the mechanics. Two cards are drawn with one being given to each animal, and all you need to do is to pick and guess which one will have a higher value. The Dragon or Tiger will have the winning card, and that’s all about it – showing the need for a bigger tactic to get the best wins.

Using the Martingale strategy

While some say that the Martingale strategy is for high rollers, people can be sure that there are a lot of winning chances that they can get in this game with this tactic. The move is to place a $1 bet on the Tiger side and then double the said amount if they lose in the first round. The odds increase each time but will reward big wins if they make the right guess.

A reset is a must every once in a while. It is always best to consider starting out with a small budget on the initial bet before doubling it after each loss. This means that you can reach bigger betting limits in just a snap. On top of that, the pro tip here is to keep on betting on the same side in each round. Switching sides means the strategy will fail to work for you in the next rounds.

Counting cards

With only a few cards in play in Dragon Tiger, it is also a good move to just count the dealt ones and see which ones are left. This technique can be done well by getting a friend to help you keep an eye on the cards to make it easy for you to win. Track the number and value of cards that are out of the picture and try to adjust your pick accordingly.

It is also a must to look at the sevens that have been dealt with since those are the ones that will likely decide whether you win or lose in your bet. The only downside when it comes to counting cards is that you have to play and keep track of the numbers at the same time. With large value cards in play, you may need a lot of practice in order to master this kind of tactic.

Suit-based plays

Suit-based plays are a good option to consider since all you have to do is to keep an eye on the suits that have been used in the game. Just like with counting cards, this helps you predict the upcoming cards that will be used in the coming rounds. This way, you can come up with the number that you think either the Dragon or Tiger will have next time.

The estimates with the suits may not be right all the time, but a guess means you know how and when to bet on the clubs. For example, once the diamond suit is the least dealt card, it would be a good move to make the bet on the same symbol. Remember to always calculate the ones that have been used and not the ones that are left in the deck.

Avoiding tie bets

Tie bets are never a good option to consider. The risk is too big and there is a bigger chance that you can lose a lot of money in the long run. Since Dragon Tiger has a house edge set at 32.77%, you may not want to take the chance from 6,488 tie results coming from 86,320 combos. It is hard enough to get an eight-to-one payout since there are also a total of 1,456 suited ties.

This is why tie bets are only a last resort for desperate players. The chances of winning it are slim and it would be wise to just try your luck instead of pushing it. Dragon Tiger baccarat is a game of chance, so you should not be complacent in your bets let alone go for a tie bet