What makes the EcoFlow DELTA mini the ideal backup power for tr

(Pocket-lint) – When camping, on the road or just hanging around the house, it’s great to have a reliable power source to charge and power your devices. You certainly can’t rely on your car’s battery when you’re roughing it, and who said that roughing it didn’t include electricity? And sometimes when you’re out for a particularly long time, having loads of power is a necessity.

So, looking at the EcoFlow DELTA mini, it seems like a no brainer of a product. It’ll charge any and all of your devices, and even power larger things like your dishwasher or vacuum cleaner. There are loads of backup power devices that can help you when the power suddenly goes, but few if any have the portable size and power of the DELTA mini. Let’s have a look at what makes it worth its weight in watts.

Power for everything

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First off, it can power 90% of the appliances you need it to. From dishwashers to computers, hairdryers and even band saws. The 1400W output can be used to power most, but not all devices. It’s not the full-blown DELTA Pro model, after all. But they serve different purposes. If you’re in an apartment and the power goes, then the mini is the perfect companion.

When you need it, the power can be increased to 1800W with EcoFlow’s patented X-Boost technology. This will drain the battery quicker, and can only be used for a limited amount of time, but sometimes that’s all you need.

Superfast charging

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Getting it charged up is also quite an easy affair. The again patented X-Stream tech allows the DELTA mini to recharge from 0% to 80% in only an hour. This is also through a normal outlet plug. It can take up to 900W charging power, so it can always be ready for you when you need it. Even if you are going camping and forget to charge it the night before, within an hour you’ll get it to where you need it. If you compare this to its competitors, the DELTA mini far outstrips them, with its closest competition not coming anywhere near the 900W that the mini is capable of.

Large capacity battery

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The DELTA mini is the perfect companion for heading off the grid. It’ll fit neatly into the back of any car, and especially will disappear into a 4×4 or van. And that’s great because the last thing you want is anything bulky taking up too much room in your car when travelling.

With a capacity of 882Wh, the mini can keep an average car fridge going for 12 hours. After that, you’ll need a recharge, but at the speeds that it’s possible, your food will be as fresh as it was, and your drinks will still be nice and cold. Besides a fridge, you can charge a drone 35 times, a typical camera 38 times, power a TV for 6 hours (or enough to fall asleep to if the power suddenly goes), and boil a full kettle at least 6 times.

If you think about it, you could easily use this as a sole power source in a small apartment. At the very least, it’ll double as an alternative power source. When you plug it into the wall, the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) system will jump on, saving you from losing work, losing food in the fridge, or losing your way when the lights go out.

Solar power efficiency

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Now here is where the DELTA mini flexes its ecological muscles. It’ll accept a solar input of 11-75V, 10A, at 300W maximum. So, connected to a single 400W solar panel (or a combination of smaller ones) it can get fully charged between 3-6 hours. The discrepancy obviously depends on the conditions (i.e. how strong the sunlight is, time of day and time of year, and any cloud cover).

The EcoFlow MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) smart algorithm actively analyses the power output of the solar panel to efficiently draw what power is possible, making sure it will work effectively even in colder temperatures.


EcoFlow is launching the DELTA mini on HSN first, allowing its first customers to get a great deal on the first products. The launch price comes in at a discounted $799 for the HSN Today‚Äôs Special. Later on, it will be available for $999 on EcoFlow’s website. Either way, it’s a fair bargain for the amount of power and capacity that the mini offers.

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