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You probably use dryer sheets to make your laundry smell fresh and feel soft. But these handy little sheets can do so much more than improve your clothing. Here are some of our favorite dryer sheet hacks to try yourself.

Clean Baseboards


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Dryer sheets have anti-static properties, which help to repel dust and dirt from pretty much anything. When you rub a dryer sheet over your baseboards, it can pick up dust, hair, and other debris, leaving your baseboards clean and fresh-smelling, as TikTok creator @_oldhousenewtricks shares.

All you need to do for this hack is take a dryer sheet and rub it along the baseboards in your home. This hack is best for picking up mild amounts of dust and dirt—you’ll need to pull out some better cleaning tools if your home is particularly dirty.

Wipe Electronic Screens

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You know the moment when sunlight shines on your computer screen and you realize how utterly filthy it is? Never a good feeling. Fortunately, dryer sheets offer an easy way to fix that without needing special sprays or rags.

If your computer or phone screen is dusty, simply rub it with a dryer sheet to clear everything away. It is important to note, however, that this should only be done on electronics that have a screen protector. Dryer sheets contain softening agents that can leave residue on bare screens. If you don’t have a screen protector, use a microfiber cloth and a screen cleaner designed for electronics.

Freshen Shoes

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Dryer sheets are designed to neutralize odors and leave a fresh scent, which makes them a great solution for eliminating unpleasant smells in shoes. If you have a pair of shoes that could use a scent boost, simply place one dryer sheet in each shoe and leave them overnight.

In the morning, your shoes should smell much better. If they still stink, you should probably give them a good wash to remove the odor for good.

Clean Your Toilet


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No one likes cleaning inside the toilet, but cleaning the outside of it can be even worse. The odd shape and various nooks and crannies make it easy to dust to accumulate, which can be difficult to fully remove.

According to content creator Amanda Kay Shepphard, dryer sheets can be an effective cleaning tool for tough spots and hard-to-reach areas in your toilet. In a TikTok video, Amanda demonstrates that a dryer sheet can pick up dust and hair between the bowl and the tank that might be left behind by brushes or sponges. The static-reducing properties of the dryer sheet enable it to attract dust and hair and keep them attached, making it easier to clean.

Remove Deodorant Marks

Deodorant on a t shirt
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How many times have you accidentally nicked your shirt with your deodorant stick while putting it on? Depending on the location, this can make or break an outfit if you can’t get the deodorant off.

Dryer sheets come to the rescue again with this simple hack. If you notice deodorant on your shirt, grab a dryer sheet (a used one works best) and rub it along the mark in short, quick bursts without pressing too hard. In a few seconds, the mark should be gone for good. Note that this hack will not remove deodorant stains.

Remove Glitter Nail Polish

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Removing glitter nail polish can be really annoying, especially when you’re using traditional methods like cotton pads or balls that don’t seem to do anything. However, using a dryer sheet soaked in polish remover can make the process simple and mess-free.

The rough texture of the dryer sheet helps to scratch off the glitter without leaving behind bits of sponge or cotton on your nails. It can also help to mask the smell of the nail polish remover, but that’s just an added bonus.

Banish Hair Static

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Some days, your hair will not cooperate with you, no matter how much hairspray and oil you use. If you’re having a frizzy day caused by static, you can turn to a dryer sheet for help.

Dryer sheets contain a softening agent that combats static cling in clothes while in the dryer, which makes them useful for eliminating frizz and static in hair. To use, run a single sheet over your hair to get rid of any unwanted static. You may want to stick to natural dryer sheets if you want to avoid the chemicals in regular ones.

Deter Gnats

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It’s a common household claim that dryer sheets can deter a variety of bugs, but unfortunately, the science isn’t there in most cases. One exception, however, is gnats.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, dryer sheets may be effective in keeping gnats away. If you have a gnat problem in your kitchen, garage, or bathroom, set out a couple of dryer sheets to deter the pesky little bugs.

Dryer sheets can do so much more than make your clothes soft and fluffy. Here are some of our favorite hacks for using dryer sheets on your clothes, walls, and more.

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