Watch Adam Savage Go “Hands On” With the Original Enterprise From ‘Star Trek’ – Review Geek

The Starship Enterprise on a black background
Rob Lavers RIBA ARPS/

If you’re a big Star Trek fan like me, you’d never pass up an opportunity to see the original starship Enterprise up close and personal. This week, Adam Savage of MythBusters fame visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to do just that. Check out the video of his visit below.

In the video, Savage chats with Dr. Margaret Weitekamp in the conservation lab of the Smithsonian. Weitekamp answers a ton of Savage’s questions about the model and makes some revelations that Trekkies may not have known before. One of the things that I never realized was that the port side of the Enterprise never faced the camera. All of the shots of the iconic starship were filmed from the starboard side of the craft.

Another interesting tidbit about the model is the fact that it’s constructed of wood rather than plastic or metal. The Enterprise looks pretty good, given how old it is. The paint job has held up really well, although it looks weathered. But I learned from watching the video that it was originally painted that way, and under the UV lights of filming, the ship appears to be that classic mono-colored grey.

There are a couple of elements missing from the model, however. You can see that the bridge module and the deflector dish are not included, with just holes where they should be. Plus, the original red domes on the warp nacelles have been replaced by some brownish ones.

Savage wasn’t alone in visiting the Smithsonian. He brought former NASA astronaut Candy Coleman to bring some real-life space experience to the video. It lasts a little more than half an hour, but the whole video is a must-watch for any Star Trek fan.

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