This annoying Destiny 2 fishing quirk is driving players mad

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2’s new season, Season of the Deep, adds a fishing minigame that allows players to catch fish and add them to an aquarium to earn rewards.
  • Players have expressed frustration about an issue where nearby Public Events in the world cause the fishing zones to completely disappear for several minutes, preventing them from fishing and wiping out their Focused Fishing buff.
  • Focused Fishing increases your chances of getting rare fish (and better rewards), but it only builds up when you or other nearby players catch rare fish to begin with. Because of this, it takes a long time to max out.
  • Some players speculate that Bungie intentionally made Public Events despawn the fishing zones so that players wouldn’t be permanently fishing with a full Focused Fishing meter.

Destiny 2’s new Season of the Deep launched on Tuesday, and so far, the relaxing fishing minigame it introduced has dominated its launch week conversation. When heading to one of three locations (The Cistern on Nessus, the Outskirts on the EDZ, and Miasma on the Throne World), players will find new fishing spots where they can  cast a line and hope for a nibble. Caught fish can be added to your aquarium back in the H.E.L.M., and by using the bait you get by completing activities, you can even reel in Legendary and Exotic fish that reward you with pieces of gear and endgame materials.

The simple and low-stakes activity is a great way to get some solid Destiny 2 loot, especially since getting Legendary or Exotic fish near other players builds up a Focused Fishing buff that improves everyone’s chances at catching additional rare fish. However, there’s one huge problem with it that’s driving players crazy: the fishing areas completely disappear whenever there’s an active Public Event nearby. This forces everyone to either wait for the event to time out or complete it, and unfortunately, both options take several minutes.

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