These Sonic the Hedgehog themed keyboards are great if you know


(Pocket-lint) – Higround is launching a collection of products with a variety of Dreamcast-inspired things that include keyboards, keycaps and more.

These are part of the “capsule collection” from the company that has partnered with Sega to pay homage to the classic characters and the console from a by-gone era. 

As you’ll see, the collection includes some fairly fantastic-looking heavily-themed keyboards and keycap sets. Those include both 65 per cent and 100 per cent keycaps alongside some seriously eye-catching keyboards.

HigroundThese Sonic the Hedgehog themed keyboards are great if you know your key layout photo 3

The most striking of these is one which features Sonic blazing his way through a classic level collecting rings as he goes. You’ll notice that this keyboard has no lettering to speak of, with the exception of “Higround” emblazoned on the spacebar.

So it’s only likely to be a pleasure to type on if you’re a touch-typist who knows which keys are which without looking. At least Sonic himself is on the S key though. 

The other designs aren’t quite so in-your-face but they are all still nicely Sonic or Dreamcast themed. Pricing for the collection hasn’t been revealed at the moment but you can head over to the Sonic x Higround official page to find out more and join for access. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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