These 3 Xbox and PC-bound indie games stole the PlayStation Showcase for me

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase for the Spring of 2023 featured dozens of upcoming titles heading to PlayStation consoles, and many of them have already garnered plenty of excitement from fans. After watching the show, though, I was surprised to discover that three indie games completely carried the PlayStation Showcase for me — And they’re all heading to Xbox at launch.

This shouldn’t be entirely surprising. After all, 14 games from the PlayStation Showcase are heading to Xbox and PC at launch in addition to the PlayStation console releases Sony wants you to focus on. Still, past the hordes of remakes and sequels, and the mountains of ‘AAA’ titles, it’s these three indie games that I immediately added to my list. If you at all have a similar taste in video games as me, you’ll want to keep an eye on these, too.

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean

  • Genre: Open-world RPG
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: 2024

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