The new iMac isn’t pretty, it’s badly designed

As expected, Apple has announced a new iMac. Apple fans are absolutely delighted. It’s thin, it uses the much-adored M1 chip and COLORS! Just like the old days when Apple was young and funky and sold colorful computers that looked amazing next to the sea of boring beige and black boxes Windows PC makers were known for. 

But, where Apple once led the industry in design, it now can’t even follow properly. I didn’t watch the event, I haven’t heard any of the spin and the self-congratulatory commentary that all such events are known for. But the first time I saw the new iMac I wasn’t impressed, I was disappointed. 

There is still a clear leader in design when it comes to the all-in-one computer. It’s Microsoft, not Apple.

Apple spring event 2021

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple, iMac and an obsession with thinness

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