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Houston hopes to hold 51 superbals and professional bowls

Houston will host the 51st Super Bowl in 2017, but the current mayor of Houston, Sylvester – Turner (Sylvester Turner) Houston hopes to be able to hold a Pro Bowl.

Just like the 2015 Arizona and wholesale nfl jerseys 2010 Miami, Turner hopes that Houston’s local visitor can have a huge growth, and cheap nfl jerseys from china the occupational bowl will have a better help.

He said: “The professional bowl is held in Hawaii, but we all know that the alliance hopes to do some changes, they want professional bowls to be held in the same city with superbals. This is more easy for those travelers, they can Watch two events in the same city, I hope this suggestion can be successful. “

According to the local media of Houston, in 2017, Houston held in Houston, Houston will have 11 million fans to travel, which will drive local economic development.

This year’s Super Bowl hosted the benefits of $ 700 million in the benefits of $ 700 million, while New Orleans gains $ 400 million, Houston is expected to have more than $ 500 million.


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