The BLUETTI portable power station summer super sale starts now

(Pocket-lint) – If you’ve ever been out on a camping trip and found your devices running low on battery, or been unable to power the most important parts of your campsite, you’ve probably thought about how useful a portable generator could be.

BLUETTI makes some of the very best generators on the market, with a wide range of sizes and options that you can pick from, and it’s got a huge sale on for summer, with massive savings available. You can check out the full sale here, but we’ve also picked out a couple of particular highlights for you below.

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BLUETTI EB70 Portable Power Station

Not everyone wants a massive power station to lug around when they think of a portable generator – for many people, simply being able to charge their devices on the go is the real dream. That’s what the EB70 is perfect for. If you’re going for a trip without power, and want to make sure you don’t get cut off, this will see you home without any trouble. 

It’s so popular that the first run of stock sold out in just two weeks, and you can see why. Portable enough to be lifted and moved with just one hand, you get an array of charging ports to keep things powered. That doesn’t just mean laptops and phones, though – you could easily run a mini-fridge for days using the EB70, making for a complete change in what you can expect from a camping trip.

This is a power station that makes loads of sense to pick up, but BLUETTI is sweetening the deal even further by knocking a chunky $100 off its regular price, meaning that you can pick it up for just $499 for a limited time!

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BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

Perhaps you want something a little more powerful, though. For those who want a power station that would make for a truly amazing camping trip, or even a useful backup generator, the AC200P is a hugely popular solution.

It’s sold tens of thousands of units for a reason – people need this sort of power on the go! It has a massive 2,000 watts of AC power to call on, making it more than capable of powering even demanding tools and appliances, and has a range of ways you can charge it back up, including solar power. 

This is a power station that can adapt to whatever you need it for, and it’s getting an absolutely enormous discount as part of this sale, coming down to just $1,599. Even better, though, you can pick it up with a bundle of three SP200 solar panels for recharging off-grid and save a whopping $947 dollars to get the steepest saving in the entire sale. 

These are just a couple of the incredible deals on offer, though, so be sure to check out the full range so that you can choose from the widest selection possible. 

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