The Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Cases and Covers

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range doesn’t fail to impress, whether you opt for the S20, the S20 Plus, or the huge S20 Ultra with its 6.9-inch display. The Galaxy S20 Plus may no longer be the largest S-series flagship in town, but it’s certainly not a small phone by any means, with its impressive 6.7-inch display and powerful Snapdragon 865 processor.

A phone that large can get a lot done, but it’s also at risk from bumps, drops, and scratches. More phone means there’s more to break, and it’s a hefty investment to boot. Make sure it’s guarded against outside hazards with a good protective case. Whether you’re looking for something slim and clear, a walletlike folio, or a tough and rugged case, here are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases to keep your expensive phone safe.

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Series Case

Add a pop of color to your day-to-day with the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case. It may look like a lot of fun with its gorgeous mint green, vibrant mauve, or classic black versions, but it also offers serious protection for your S20 Plus. Its polycarbonate and synthetic rubber construction provides durable protection, with a raised, beveled edge keeping your screen safe. You can rest assured OtterBox cases are seriously durable too — each case goes through over 238 hours of testing, so you’re investing in the best protection for your S20 Plus. These cases work with PopSockets’ PopTops, Car Vent Mount, and Multi-Surface Mount, and the PopGrip is integrated into the case, so it doesn’t add bulk, making this case ideal if you’re the kind to slip your phone into your pocket on the go. There are loads of vibrant and colorful PopTop choices around, so you can coordinate yours with your phone. If you’re looking for something unique, this case is a great buy.

Caseology Parallax Case

Caseology Parallax Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Want a slim case but also something a bit different? The Parallax case stands out from the crowd with its cool Escher-style design and comes in four colors: aqua green (pictured), burgundy, midnight blue, and black. But it’s not just the cool design that’s earned this case a place on our list. Its dual-layered bumpers offer military grade drop protection, while the raised bezel around the screen adds that all-important extra layer of protection, not only for drops but also for those times you place your phone face down. This case has a 3D tactile surface that looks sleek but feels surprisingly grippy in your hand, making it less likely you’ll drop your phone in the first place. We love this case not only for its good looks but also because it manages to pack a surprising amount of protection into a slim shell, which doesn’t add bulk to the sleek lines of the S20 Plus.

Rhinoshield CrashGuard Bumper

The Galaxy S20 Plus comes in a gorgeous lineup of colors from Cloud Blue to Aura Red. There’s no beating the naked and natural look of the phone versus a traditional clear case, so why not leave it open? Rhinoshield’s CrashGuard is a bumper-style case that surrounds all sides of your S20 Plus and leaves the back wide open. Now, don’t worry — the bumper is thick enough and protrudes out so that even when dropped from 11 feet, Rhinoshield claims it’ll keep your phone safe and secure. The military-grade drop protection can be attributed to the honeycomb interior, which helps with shock dispersion. If you’re looking for something minimal, classy, and unique, look no further than the Rhinoshield CrashGuard.

Pitaka Air Case

Thin cases have grown in popularity over the years, along with the ever-growing size of smartphones. For one of the thinnest cases on the market (if not the thinnest), consider the Pitaka Air. With a weight of only 0.38 ounces and at 0.02 inches thin, the Air case enhances the grip of your Galaxy S20 Plus without adding any bulk. That’s not to say that it’s built cheaply, though. The case is made with 600D aramid fiber — the same material found in airplanes and racecars. Like carbon fiber, the aramid is textured and silky-smooth, so it lays in your hand comfortably. While the Air case will keep your device free of scratches and minor dings, it’s not going to be as reliable against waist-high drops.

Spigen Thin Fit

Thin cases are great for those who don’t want to add bulk onto their phones, and they don’t get much better than Spigen’s Thin Fit case. The Thin Fit is made from polycarbonate, which allows it to be light, thin, and very strong. It’s been finished with a soft-touch treatment so it doesn’t just feel like hard plastic, and the slightly raised bezels mean your display and camera lenses don’t end up resting on potentially harmful services. Is it perfect? Unfortunately not. While Spigen’s tech helps, the hard nature of the case means it doesn’t deal with drops as well as bigger cases. In addition, the protection doesn’t extend all the way around the case, leaving the areas near the buttons uncovered. Still, this is a good everyday case for when extreme protection may not be needed.

UAG Monarch Series

UAG’s Monarch series is one of the most protective cases around, using an astounding five layers of protection to keep your phone safe. The combination of polycarbonate, impact-resistant rubber, metal screws, and hard plastic armor means this case is extremely rugged. It stands up to military drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6 twice over and has been tested for drops of up to four feet. Despite all of that protection, it’s not a thick case either, and while the design may not be to everyone’s tastes, there’s no doubt it stands out. All that protection comes at a high price though.

Moment Thin Photography Case

The Galaxy S20 Plus has one of Samsung’s best cameras, so why not celebrate that with a case that boosts its photography skills? Moment is well known for its range of lenses that clip onto its cases, allowing for fisheye effects, additional telephoto zoom, macro, and more. This is Moment’s thin case, but it still comes with the ability to attach Moment’s lenses, and although it’s thin, it’s still drop-tested up to six feet. It’s made from fully compostable bio-plastic TPU, so it’s more environmentally friendly as well. While it lacks the lanyard attachment of the thicker Moment case, this is still an excellent choice.

ESR Essential Zero Clear

The Galaxy S20 Plus is a big beauty, and we don’t blame you for not wanting to hide it. However, there are still protective case options for you out there. The Essential Zero from ESR is a completely clear and incredibly thin case, and though it’s not going to protect particularly well against drops and bumps, it’s still better than nothing and provides protection from dirt, scratches, and dust. The soft TPU material is easy to grip, and the slightly raised edges protect your camera lenses and screen from dirty surfaces. While it’s not the case for the clumsy or the drop-anxious, it’s still a good everyday choice that doesn’t cramp Samsung’s style.

Zizo Grip Series

You’re probably going to find it hard to tear yourself away from the huge screen on your S20 Plus, but now you can ensure the tearing away isn’t caused by a slip. Zizo’s Grip Series does exactly what it says on the tin, and the hand-strap on the back of the case makes it a lot harder for your phone to slip from your grasp. The strap folds back into the case when not required, but it’s also firm enough to prop your phone up as a kickstand. It’s tough and hard-wearing, and should keep your phone guarded against a number of potential hazards. A great choice for the seriously drop-phobic.

Olixar NovaShield

If you don’t want to compromise on protection, but do hate hiding that style away, then the NovaShield’s balance between strength and beauty is worth a look. The flexible TPU frame running around the case’s edge provides good protection against bumps and drops, while the clear polycarbonate back guards against scratches and allows your phone’s style to shine through. There’s air-cushioning built into the corners of the cases to further guard against damage from drops, and it’s completely wireless charging compatible. While it’s a little boring for anyone looking to make a statement, Olixar has provided a good solid case here.

Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has a style all its own, but you can always add more — and Snakehive’s vintage leather wallet case is an excellent way to add some serious class. It’s made from full-grain European leather with a softer inner lining to protect your phone, and a plastic holder to keep it in place. There’s room for three credit cards or travel cards in the front cover, and your phone’s display is completely covered when not in use, with a magnetic clasp to hold it shut. Since this is real leather, each case has its own unique finish and will develop a patina as it ages. This case is available in a variety of colors too.

Ringke Fusion X

It’s got a style that’s sure to divide opinion, but Ringke has firmly established itself with a strong reputation for solid protection. The Fusion X is made from a combination of a TPU bumper and a clear polycarbonate back. This mix of materials provides good protection from drops and scratches, while still allowing you to show off your phone. The soft TPU around the edges is easy to grip, but there’s also an attachment for a lanyard. Raised edges protect your phone from resting on dirty surfaces, and the unique design is sure to make your phone stand out. However, it’s not the most style-conscious of cases, and those looking for something pretty may want to look elsewhere.

Mous Limitless 3.0

Mous is that crazy company that likes to drop iPhones from space to prove how tough its cases are — and they are tough. Mous proudly proclaims its cases are the best in class for impact protection and based on its videos, that seems to be true. The Mous Limitless 3.0 uses Airoshock technology to absorb shocks from drops and falls. The case looks as good as it performs, using uncommon materials such as walnut, bamboo, black leather, and aramid fiber. The slim case is easy to grip and connects to Mous’s special add-on accessory range. However, expect to pay a little extra for the high quality.

VRS Design Damda Glide Pro

The Glide Pro by VRS Design is as tough a case as you can get, with a modernized, minimalist grey matte appearance that signifies its practicality. The Glide Pro guards your phone against a variety of dangers with extensive engineering. For example, to defend from falls, the Glide Pro features a strong exterior shell. To absorb the impact and circumvent scratches, it features a slim and flexible interior. Clicky button caps have a pleasant texture to them, and the case is incredibly slim and lightweight, even with credit card and cash storage on the back. We feel it’s valuable enough to make it worth the higher price.

Ghostek Atomic Slim 3

If you want complete security, check out Ghostek. Its Atomic Slim 3 case gives military-grade assurance, including an absorbent TPU interior, R7x impact-absorbing parts, and an aluminum alloy metal covering. It’s a praiseworthy list of credentials, and it delivers on them all, with Ghostek promising fall protection to a maximum of 12 feet (3.6 meters). The sides have anti-slip material, and their elevated edges stop your phone from touching surfaces directly. It’s pricier; however, it’s still a more affordable option than replacing your phone due to insufficient protection.

Official Samsung LED View

Samsung has all the essential requisites to preserve your phone. The LED View’s most significant benefit is its dot pattern on the front cover displaying the time, alarms, and incoming calls. It also features an on-the-spot sleep/wake device in the cover, which prevents your battery from losing charge unnecessarily. The case is also reasonably strong, with a firm plastic exterior that shields your phone from drops and a superb grip-enhancing finish. Your screen won’t get damaged with the LED View’s convenient front covering. It’s understandably a Samsung masterwork and is a phenomenal accessory, despite its higher price.

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