The best prices on Xbox controllers in January 2023

Xbox controllers are extremely versatile, and there could be a thousand and one reasons you’d need a new one. You might be replacing an older controller, upgrading from a broken one, adding another to your collection for some couch co-op, and more. Maybe you just want to go from the basic controller to one of Microsoft’s more advanced Elite controllers for better precision. Maybe you want the version with an adapter so you can use your controller on PC or laptop as the Xbox controllers are generally considered one of the best for playing games on Windows.

I don’t know your reasons, but I do know you want to save some money in the process. That’s what this roundup is for. We’ve collected as many first party and third party controllers as we can find that also happen to be going for something less than the MSRP. As we find new deals and new prices, we’ll add more options to the list so keep checking the roundup anytime you’re looking for new and exciting ways to save.

First-Party Xbox controller prices:

Xbox Core wireless controller

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Xbox Core wireless controller

Street Price:: $60 | Wireless?: Yes | Battery Life:: ~30 Hours | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS

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