TerraMaster launches partner program, 7 NAS, and 2 DAS for 2022


TerraMaster D4-300Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

TerraMaster is going all-out for 2022. The company was previously known for producing some of the more affordable NAS that offers better value than the competition at the expense of a weaker OS and ecosystem. This is all set to change with the launch of a new partner program and nine new NAS and DAS.

The partner program itself is reserved for authorized distributors, authorized resellers, system integrators, offline retailers, online stores, and service providers/industry consultants. This doesn’t mean much for the average consumer, but it does show TerraMaster looking to expand its services with training and more.

In terms of NAS and DAs, TerraMaster launched nine new enclosures for 2022, forming the TX-423, FX-423, UX-423, and DX-Thunderbolt 3 series. For the TX-423 series, we’re looking at the 6-bay T6-423, 9-bay T9-423, and 12-bay T12-423. These are more compact NAS with 2.5Gb LAN and other highlight features for businesses.

Then we’ve got the F4-423 and F2-423, designed for home and office use with powerful internal components. We reviewed the TerraMaster F4-423 and gave it our best award thanks in large part to the immense value on offer. The Intel processor, upgradable DDR4 RAM, M.2 slot, and 2.5Gb ports make it a compelling enclosure.

For business, enterprise, and data centers, TerraMaster launched the UX-423 series in rackmount form factors. These come in the form of the 4-bay U4-423 and 8-bay U8-423. Finally, TerraMaster also launched new DX-Thunderbolt 3 series DAS with the 8-bay D8-423 and 16-bay D16-423. All the aforementioned NAS and DAS are available for purchase.

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