Tap to Pay on iPhone feature expands with Wix support in the US

Just over a year ago, Apple announced a new Tap to Pay feature that effectively turns iPhones into contactless payment terminals. Since that announcement, the availability of the feature has quickly expanded to different payment platforms in the United States.

Now, sales platform Wix has announced support for the feature…

In a press release today, Wix announced an “extended partnership with Stripe” that will allow US-based Wix merchants to use Tap to Pay on iPhone. This means that any business using the Wix Owner app on their iPhone can accept in-person contactless payment using an iPhone.

Wix Payments executives Amit Sagiv and Volodymyr Tsukur touted this new feature in the press release:

Tap to Pay on iPhone offers merchants a reliable and secure payment option to increase customer touchpoints and deliver new in-person experiences, ultimately optimizing their multichannel strategy and increasing the monetization of their offline sales. Our partnership with Stripe gives merchants the ultimate flexibility to sell anytime, anywhere – whether in-store or on the go, at their own convenience to never miss a sale.

Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone is designed to allow businesses to use an iPhone to accept contactless payments without the need for any additional hardware. From a customer’s standpoint, this works exactly like you’d expect it to: Simply tap your iPhone or contactless card on the merchant’s iPhone, and the purchase is complete.

In addition to today’s announcement from Wix, Tap to Pay on iPhone is supported by Square, payment platform Adyen, and Stripe.

Have you encountered Tap to Pay on iPhone in the wild yet? If so, how did it work? Let us know down in the comments.

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