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General Manager of the United States Tiger: The team does not need to rely on Blackmont

For cheap nike nfl jerseys Jacksonville Americas, they have found new game methods and trusted young outer jokes in the year of Justin Blackmon. Tuesday, Tuesday, David Caldwell, cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale the general manager of Jaguandi, said that the team does not need to rely on Blackmon.

Kadville said: “We like him very much, no matter what happens, we all stand with him. He is very talented, all of us want him to come back. However, in the current situation, the team will depend on him. For a reward, if he can come back, it will naturally a good thing; if we can’t, we will not be disappointed. The team is very satisfied with the existing 3, we will not need to rely on Blackmont, nor There is too much expectation to him. But if he can come back, it is naturally like a tiger. “

At present, wholesale jerseys Blackmond is still banned from the unlink of drugs and alcohol, but the Jaguji does not plan to retreat the 24-year-old external hand. Kadville said: “He is very young, it is not a bad place in the team’s lineup, and there is no risk. We are willing to wait patiently.” 2013 season, Blackmond has a short visual opportunity. In the four games, cheap jerseys from china he completed 29 battles and won the 415 yard with 1 time.


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