Report calls out Eve’s suspicious past, struggles to pay refunds, and bleak future

The Eve V was a promising device that looked like a Surface Pro rival. We even unboxed one when it first came out. It was built on a campaign focused on customers and led to excitement among a community of people wanting to try the new device. Over time, that excitement turned to disappointment, frustration, and anger by many affected customers.

The saga of the Eve V and the Eve company as a whole is known by many that follow Windows tablets, but a new article by Engadget gathers insights and details into a comprehensive piece. The article runs through the rise, fall, and attempted rebranding of Eve. It also tells the story of customers left looking for refunds and support.

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Engadget’s piece takes a close look at the history of Eve, brings in the expertise and experience of the EveV subreddit moderator Kirk Miller, and even digs into a suspicious office in Hong Kong. It’s a great piece of investigative journalism that shines a light on a company that many in the community wish was different. One quote from Engadget summarizes the state of Eve,

So, to sum up: Eve-Tech is under someone else’s control, has tried to change its name a few times, and doesn’t appear to have any money.

Eve announced a new business structure back in July 2019. Since then, it gathered feedback for a follow-up to the Eve V and for its new line of monitors. Unfortunately for customers, it appears that Eve has run into familiar issues. Engadget highlights an Eve Community forum comment that says a monitor has already been delayed by half a year. We’ll have to see if the restructure lead to meaningful change or if another article like Engadget’s will be needed in a few years.

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