Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor review: This Mini-LED monitor is magnificent for gaming

Redmagic is a relative unknown when it comes to PC hardware, but it has garnered a name for itself by rolling out some of the best Android gaming phones over the course of the last five years. A big differentiator for Redmagic is its focus on value; its gaming phones often tend to undercut their rivals by a significant margin — as is the case with the Redmagic 8 Pro.

Now, Redmagic is able to do this as it is the gaming unit of Nubia, which counts Chinese telecom giant ZTE as a major shareholder. Although Redmagic has only worked on phones up to this point, it is branching out into gaming accessories, introducing its first monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. The 4K Gaming Monitor debuted in China last year, and is now going on sale in global markets, including North America.

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