Razer Edge review: Two steps forward, one step back for Android handhelds

The world of Android-powered gaming handhelds is starting to heat up, with various manufacturers taking wildly different approaches to their vision of a great handheld. Razer is bringing their gaming props to the field with the Razer Edge, a phone-like slab with hard edges, overwhelmingly powerful hardware, and the company’s latest Razer Kishi V2 Pro mobile controller bundled in the box.

I initially expected the Razer Edge to soundly best the Logitech G Cloud and replace it as my favorite handheld, but the answer is more complicated. After spending a few weeks with this device, I mostly love the hardware and its versatility — but the Razer Edge’s tailored software begins and ends with the simple Razer Nexus app, and the device overall tends to feel more like a gaming-centric smartphone (that can’t do smartphone things) then a true handheld console.

Razer Edge: Pricing and availability

The Razer Edge, in all its boxy glory. (Image credit: Windows Central | Daniel Rubino)

The Razer Edge is, unfortunately, exclusive to the USA market, and Razer has not confirmed any plans to expand the device’s availability to other markets. In the US, the Razer Edge (Wi-Fi) retails for USD $399.99 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and can be purchased directly from Razer.

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