Qualcomm announces ‘Oryon’ next-gen ARM CPU, Citi adopting Snapdragon PCs


  • At the annual Qualcomm Summit, the company revealed the name of its next-gen Nuvia-based CPU called Oryon.
  • No other details about Oryon were given, as the processors are not expected to ship until early 2024.
  • Citi announced that it is transitioning a large segment of its global users to Qualcomm-based computers including the new ThinkPad X13s.
  • Adobe said more key Adobe Creative Cloud applications are coming to Snapdragon-based computers in 2023.

Momentum around Windows on ARM seems to be taking off as Qualcomm held its annual summit revealing new mobile processors for phones, focus on AI, and more.

While the company did not announce a follow-up to the (relatively) new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, it did reveal the name of its next-gen processors based on its Nuvia acquisition. Instead of Snapdragon, the new processors will be dubbed Oryon, presumably with numbering or further naming to differentiate the line of ARM-based PC processors.

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