Nvidia’s anti-cryptomining GPUs have finally been 100% unlocked


It took almost an entire year from their initial release, but the LHR (low hashrate) versions of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series graphics cards have finally been completely unlocked by a mining software called Nicehash, restoring each card’s respective mining capabilities.

Many of the best graphics cards were nearly impossible to find available to buy over the last two years because of the global chip shortage, a broader supply chain crisis at ports around the world and demand for consumer tech putting even more pressure on the availability of semiconductors needed by AMD and Nvidia for their products.

Part of this demand also included cryptominers who were buying up the available stock in bulk of popular GPUs during the height of the recent crypto currency boom. And while there are mixed opinions about how this affected overall availability for gamers and building hobbyists, there was certainly no love lost between the two groups which resulted in Team Green putting measures in place to make its consumer graphics cards less desirable to those hoping to use them to mine currencies such as Ethereum.

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