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None of these big companies can get along these days. Unfortunately, the fight between Roku and Google has only escalated, and things aren’t looking good. After Roku removed YouTube TV from its platform and TVs earlier this year, the two still can’t reach a deal, and now the regular YouTube app will be removed next.

For those unfamiliar, both Google and Roku claim they’re in the right and asking for a fair contract when it comes to streaming content. But as a result, we all lose. Negotiations broke down earlier this year, and Roku ditched Google’s YouTube TV live streaming app, but Google quickly created a workaround and put it inside the regular YouTube app.

Since then, existing users have enjoyed both the YouTube and YouTube TV apps, while new users can only access YouTube TV through Google’s workaround.

YouTube TV Roku workaround

However, come December 9th, the regular YouTube app will be removed from Roku devices once the current deal expires, but hopefully, existing users aren’t affected.

Roku released an update on the situation today, suggesting that Google wants a special deal that includes modifying search results and accessing more data than any other streaming provider. However, Google continues to deny this and claims it only wants to renew the existing contract.

In a report by Axios, Google confirmed that the current deal expires on December 9th, and if the two can’t agree to a new one, the Roku platform will lose the standard YouTube app for all new customers. Here’s what Google had to say:

“Since our negotiations with Roku earlier this year, we’ve continued to work with them to find a resolution that benefits our mutual users. Roku has once again chosen to make unproductive and baseless claims rather than try to work constructively with us. Since we haven’t been able to continue our conversations in good faith, our partnership for all new Roku devices will unfortunately end on December 9. We are, however, giving Roku the ability to continue distributing both YouTube and YouTube TV apps to all existing users to make sure they are not impacted.”

As you can see, Google ends the statement by stating whether or not existing users can continue to access the apps is Roku’s decision. Either way, this isn’t good for anyone and is borderline ridiculous.

Losing access to YouTube TV is a big deal, but losing access to the regular YouTube app is obviously far worse as it’s the most popular video platform on the internet. We’ll report back once we know more.

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