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The Steam Deck over a dark purple background.

After the last Steam Deck update unlocked system-wide performance settings, gamers asked for the option to save these settings to individual games. And Valve listened—today’s update introduces per-game performance settings that you can quickly program through the Quick Access menu.

Wait, can’t you just adjust a game’s graphic settings within the game? That’s correct, but the Quick Access performance settings let you control your screen’s refresh rate, the system’s FPS limit, power usage, and more. You can lower the refresh rate to reduce latency, for example, or set a low wattage to extend your battery life.

Saving these settings to each game just makes sense, as most Deck users want to dial in their console’s performance. And here’s something cool; you can disable or re-enable a game’s performance settings at any time from the Quick Access menu.

Notably, today’s update shows that Valve may implement community performance profiles. The company previously added community support for Steam Deck control schemes (per game), so the idea of community-made performance profiles isn’t too crazy.

There are a few other notable changes in this update. The Steam Deck interfaces now scales to a virtual 1280×800 resolution when connected to an external display. Plus, the “Rumble and Haptics” is no longer available in the Quick Access menu (it’s now in Controller Settings), and the “Re-Order Controllers” button now hides in the “Other” section of Quick Access.

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