Microsoft testing more options for the Edge vertical tabs button

Edge Dev Hero 2020 NewfeatureSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

In the upper-left corner of Microsoft Edge, there’s a button to switch between vertical tabs and horizontal tabs. Vertical tabs are a relatively new feature, and they’re still being tweaked by Microsoft. It seems that in addition to working on the vertical tabs themselves, that Microsoft is playing around with a few ideas for what to do with the button in the corner of the browser.

In Edge Canary, Microsoft is currently testing additional options that appear when you click that button. The options were spotted and highlighted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. In GIFs shared by Leopeva64-2, the browser has an option to view recently closed items and to add all tabs to a collection.

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Edge Tabs OptionsSource: Leopeva64-2 via Reddit

Both of these options could come in handy, but they create a tradeoff for people that switch between vertical and horizontal tabs. In the stable version of Edge, clicking the button switches between vertical and horizontal tabs immediately. If Microsoft adds these new options to the button, you’ll have to click an extra time to switch between horizontal and vertical tabs.

That might be worth the tradeoff to have some of the new options. Microsoft may allow the menu to be customizable. Features in the Canary channel of Edge often get changed quite a bit before shipping to everyone. In many cases, they don’t arrive for general users at all.

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