Microsoft starts testing early platform work for possible ‘Windows 12’ in new Canary Channel

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced a new Canary Channel for Windows Insiders.
  • The new channel is designed to flight unstable builds that focus on long-lead platform work for future versions of Windows.
  • Builds will flight on a more regular basis, but will also be more unstable as a result.
  • Insiders in the Dev Channel are being automatically moved to the new Canary Channel.

Microsoft is announcing big changes to the Windows Insider Preview Program today that will allow the company to begin testing builds of the Windows OS that focus on laying the groundwork for the next major version of the Windows platform via a new “Canary Channel” that will receive experimental, unstable builds on a more regular basis.

The company says that this new Canary Channel will receive builds of Windows that concentrate on “platform changes that require a longer-lead time … Some examples of this include major changes to the Windows kernel, new APIs, etc.” As a result, Microsoft says these builds are likely to include major bugs and often won’t receive much documentation detailing new additions.

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