Microsoft is bringing back two classic features for the Taskbar on Windows 11

What you need to know

  • Two classic Taskbar functionalities might be making a return to Windows 11.
  • These functions are “never combine apps” and the ability to display seconds in the System Tray.
  • Both functions were found hidden in the latest Windows 11 preview builds.

One of Windows 11‘s biggest criticisms from users today is that the Taskbar experience is a functional step backwards from previous versions of the OS. This is because the Taskbar on Windows 11 is brand new, rebuilt from the ground up which means many older functions need to be also be rebuilt.

This takes time, and while Microsoft has said on record that some classic Taskbar functionalities won’t be returning, such as the ability to dock the Taskbar to the side or top of your screen, that doesn’t mean all classic functions are off the table. In fact, two classic Taskbar functionalities appear to already be in the works internally at Microsoft.

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