MADiSON preview: A fatally photogenic house of horrors


In recent years, there’s been no shortage of psychological horror titles. Following the infamous release of the “playable teaser” P.T. in 2014, numerous teams have tried to capture the photorealistic allure of Hideo Kojima’s fascinating experiment. While respectable efforts like Visage manage to cleverly pull inspirations from this groundbreaking horror demo, plenty of other shallow attempts to merely duplicate P.T. have bloodied the waters of this beloved sub-genre.  

The upcoming first-person psychological horror title MADiSON from Bloodious Games appeared to be yet another would-be endeavor to succeed the distressing groundwork laid out by Kojima. However, after diving into the first few hours of this atmospheric horror experience, and despite the apparent influence, it’s clear Bloodious Games doesn’t intend to simply copy its contemporaries. Instead, MADiSON combines elements of Fatal Frame and P.T. to deliver an unforgiving, unnerving descent into darkness. 

An atmospheric house of horrors

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Arguably the most important component of effective horror is atmosphere. Ghosts, demons, and zombies can certainly be frightening in their own regards, but without the proper stage, these ghastly props just don’t garner worthy scares. In MADiSON, the significance of atmosphere is immediately established.

The tight corridors of this haunting home teetered on the brink of claustrophobia, and each slow entry into a new location was a fearful march into the unknown.

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