Latest ongoing Twitter outage breaks links, images, and more

If you’re having problems accessing links on Twitter today, it’s not just you. An apparent outage affecting Twitter’s API has broken all links on Twitter because of errors with the link shortener redirect. Images on Twitter are also completely broken for many users.

Twitter has been teasing changes to its API for the last several weeks but has delayed those changes multiple times.

When you click a link on Twitter today, you’ll see an “errors” message that reads:

{"errors":[{"message":"Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information","code":467}]}

Meanwhile, images on Twitter are also broken. Many users are unable to load or post any images. It appears these problems are due to Twitter’s API changes, which are ironically affecting Twitter itself.

Twitter hasn’t commented on these issues, but it’s something that we’re hoping is addressed soon. After all, it basically renders Twitter close to useless if you can’t click on links that other people are sharing, nor can you share or view any images.

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