Just thinking about using my Meta Quest Pro in a car makes me want to hurl

Meta’s Reality Labs and BMW have teamed up to bring car passengers exclusive mixed reality experiences – and the idea is already making me feel nauseous. 

Using Meta headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, the pair produced a range of prototype VR experiences – from music-based meditation apps to interactive games, to mobile VR office spaces. 

A traveller is conducting a meeting in their car, talking to a VR avatar and posting virtual notes on their window

Take a VR work meeting from your car (Image credit: Meta / BMW)

Unsurprisingly, making a VR experience work in a car isn’t as easy as making the experience work in a regular room. That’s because – at least for Quest headsets that rely on the Oculus Insight technology – the headset’s two main sensors will be picking up conflicting signals. 

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