Is Minecraft on Xbox finally getting raytracing and shader support? Don’t get your hopes up — yet.

One of my favorite marketing blunders in Xbox history was when the firm commissioned an entire musical to market Minecraft‘s ill-fated Super Duper Graphics Pack, only for it to be later canceled unceremoniously. The Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack was supposed to bring enhanced resolution, textures, shaders, and lighting to the Xbox One X version of Minecraft, the firm’s popular craft ’em up survival adventure, which is one of the most popular games of all time. Minecraft exists on practically every platform on earth, complete with cross-play, mobile controls, and dedicated rentable servers. Where the game stumbles is in its lack of graphics scaling for modern platforms, with heavily-modded Java Edition versions remaining the only way to experience enhanced Minecraft graphics with shaders. Users on the cross-platform Bedrock Edition, however, may have just been given a lifeline. 

Shared by Xbox watcher IdleSloth, dataminers have discovered graphics strings in the latest Minecraft Preview build, offering a glimpse at possible efforts to add modern visuals to the aging game … or are they?

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