IKEA’s New Shower Speaker Is Just $15 – Review Geek

Plus, it has an 80-hour battery life!

The IKEA VAPPEBY Bluetooth shower speaker sitting on a towel, covered in water.

Available today for just $15, the IKEA VAPPEBY portable Bluetooth speaker features a compact and waterproof design, plus an 80-hour battery life. It’s the most affordable Bluetooth shower speaker you’ll find from a reputable brand, and you can pair two together for stereo sound.

IKEA’s VAPPEBY lineup is relatively new; the first VAPPBY speaker, which doubles as an outdoor camping-styled lamp, debuted last year. Of course, IKEA offers a wide variety of speakers, including the SYMFONISK lineup that’s made in collaboration with Sonos.

Anyway, the VAPPEBY shower speaker only measures three inches wide, and it has a small loop to hang from hooks. It also charges via USB-C, though charging accessories aren’t included with the device.

And the advertised 80-hour battery life, while impressive, is only true at 50% volume. I should also clarify that this speaker has an IP67 water and dust-resistance rating—it’s “waterproof,” you can use it in the shower or take it on a kayak, but you shouldn’t leave it submerged in water for too long.

You can order the VAPPEBY portable Bluetooth speaker in red, black, or white. It costs just $15, so I suggest buying two for stereo mode.

IKEA VAPPEBY Bluetooth Shower Speaker

IKEA’s portable and waterproof VAPPEBY shower speaker features an 80-hour battery and measures just three inches wide. Pair two together for stereo sound!

Source: IKEA

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