Humble’s $15 Stardock bundle fixes Windows 10’s little annoyances

The New Year is a period for renewal—and the perfect time to get your PC streamlined and set up just right. A Humble Bundle running right now can help. Humble’s Organize Your PC bundle comes brimming with Stardock software for customizing and organizing a Windows 10 PC. Stardock creates software that’s truly worth paying for, smartly designed to improve the stock Windows experience, and a portion of all Humble sales go to charity. 

Starting at the $1 tier, you get IconPackager10 for replacing default Windows icons. This tier also contains CursorFX 4, as well as WindowsBlinds 10 for customizing the Start menu, taskbar, windows frames and control buttons.

Things get a little more serious at the second tier (pay more than the average, currently at $11.80) with the always popular Start10. This little bit of software turns your Start menu into something closer to the classic Windows 7 Start menu. This tier also includes SpaceMonger 3 for managing and freeing up your storage space, WindowsFX 6 for customizing windows and menus, and DeckSpaces 10 for customized wallpapers and screensavers.

Finally, the top $15 tier includes Fences 3 for organizing your desktop, Multiplicity 3 KM for controlling multiple with a single mouse and keyboard, SoundPackager 10 for changing the default sounds on your PC, and the sublime Groupy, which lets you group together multiple programs in a single window, just like browser tabs.

All together this bundle of software would cost you $104 if you bought each one separately, but at $15, this collection is an absolute steal. 

[Today’s deal: Organize your PC Humble Software Bundle.]

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