How to Print Text Messages From iPhone

iPhone text conversation printed out.
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The easiest way to print iPhone text messages is to take screenshots of the conversation and print the screenshots. It’s also possible to use third-party software to print full transcripts.

iPhone text messages—including iMessage—live on your iPhone or Mac. If you want to get those messages into the real world—either for court or personal records—you’ll need to get creative. We’ll show you two ways to print text messages on iPhone.

How to Print iPhone Text Messages Screenshots

The best way to preserve and print the authentic look of iPhone text messages is by taking screenshots. Printing screenshots isn’t the most elegant solution, but it does work.

First, open the text conversation you’d like to print and scroll to a location to screenshot.  To take a screenshot on an iPhone, press and hold the Power + Volume Up keys, or Power + Home button.

iPhone image buttons.

There are some screenshot tricks that might also be helpful. After taking screenshots of the text messages, you may also want to crop out unnecessary parts (be careful if you need screenshots for legal purposes). Once you have all your screenshots, we can print them.

Once you’re done taking your text-message screenshots, open the “Photos” app on your iPhone.

Open the "Photos" app.

Go to the “Albums” tab and scroll down to select “Screenshots.”

Go to "images."

Next, tap “Select” at the top of the screen and choose all the screenshots you’d like to print.

Tap "Select" and choose images.

With the screenshots selected, tap the share icon (square with arrow pointing up) in the bottom left.

Tap the share button.

Scroll up and select “Print” from the share menu.

Select "Print."

Apple’s built-in printing options will appear. Tap “Printer” to select a printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or tap the share icon to save it as a PDF and print it somewhere else.

You can see a print preview at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the type of printer you’re using, you may have some extra settings to adjust.

Printer options and preview.

Go ahead and tap “Print” when everything is looking good.

Tap "Print."

This method isn’t the greatest if you have a lot of screenshots to print since it puts each screenshot on its own page. However, it’s easy, and it gets the job done.

How to Print an iPhone Text Message Transcript

Printing a transcript of an iPhone text message conversation will require third-party software and a Windows or Mac PC. Unlike when printing text messages on Android, there’s not a good way to get a transcript of text messages with an app on the iPhone itself.

There are several desktop apps that can do the job, but many of them are not free. We’ll be using an app called “AnyTrans” that has a free three-day trial. We can use it to create a printable transcript of individual conversations.

Download the app for Windows or Mac and plug your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. After the initial setup is complete, we’ll go to the “Messages” section.

Go to "Messages."

You’ll see all of the conversations from your iPhone appear. Check the box next to the conversation you’d like to print.

Select a conversation.

Now click the “Print” button in the top right.

A window with a print preview will appear. Tap “Print Now” to continue.

Select "Print Now."

The Windows or Mac print dialog window will open. Select your printer and preferences and click “Print!”

You’re all set! The transcript is a much neater presentation, but it does come with the downside of appearing more easily editable. That’s something to consider if you need the text messages for legal purposes.

There’s really not a great way to print iPhone text messages, unfortunately. Both of these methods work, but neither one is perfect. Thankfully, it’s much easier to print other things from an iPhone or iPad. The iPhone Messages app also has some really nice features built-in—just not printing.

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