How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change? – LifeSavvy

The interior of a car's engine shows a dipstick and an engine oil cap.
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Most people recognize that regular oil changes are important for the maintenance and well-being of their cars. Maybe you go by the little sticker on the corner of your car’s windshield. Maybe you just…get an oil change every few months without thinking about it.

But how long can you really go without an oil change?

According to the experts at Jiffy Lube, how long you can go without an oil change actually depends on several factors.

First, it depends on your vehicle. What type of car do you drive? Check your owner’s manual to best determine how often you should be getting your oil changed. Some models might need them more frequently.

Next, think about your driving style. Do you typically travel on long, quiet country roads? Or, are you frustrated in stop-and-go city traffic? If you have to stop frequently or you go on more short trips, you might have to get your oil changed more often.

Finally, the older your car, the more often you’ll likely need oil changes. Age tends to mean more wear and tear, and more frequent maintenance is required.

Whatever you do, don’t just “guess” when it comes to getting your oil changed. If you drive too long on a car that needs regular maintenance, you could risk overheating, accelerated engine wear, corrosion, and oil leaks. It’s much easier to take care of preventative maintenance than having to deal with major car problems later.

Save yourself time, money, and stress by changing your oil frequently.

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