Hasbro’s New $700 Optimus Prime Transforms All By Himself – Review Geek

An Optimus Prime toy in humanoid form.

The best part about owning a Transformers toy is … well, transforming them. But it’s also the worst part because it’s never a fun process. Hasbro’s latest toy will solve that problem for a lot of money. For “just” $700, you can get an Optimus Prime that transforms itself and takes voice commands.

Transformer toys come in one of two flavors: Either so simple as to barely resemble the source material, or so incredibly complicated you’ll chuck it in a bin. Take it from me, a father who fears anytime his son asks for help transforming Bumblebee.

An Optimus Prime toy in truck form.

But thanks to the power of robotics, this Optimus Prime “converts” for you. Hasbro partnered with Robosen Robotics (which already made Transformer-like toys) to build Optimus Prime. It has around 5,000 components, including 27 patented servo motors and 60 connected microchips to achieve the effect.

He’s voice-activated, too, and comes with several commands. When Prime is in truck mode, you can ask to roll out, and he’ll drive away. And he speaks, and you’ll be happy to know Peter Cullen (the true voice of Optimus Prime) provided the voice. If you don’t feel like using voice commands, you can control him with an app and even program some actions.

You’ll have to wait a while to get this complicated Optimus Prime if you’re willing to part with $700. You can preorder him now on the Hasbro Pulse site, and the estimated shipping date is August 2nd, 2021.

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