Google Bard Can Now Reply With Images

Google Bard logo.
Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek

The Google Bard chatbot was pretty terrible when it first launched, but Google has been trying to improve it. There’s a new feature now rolling out: searching for images.

As previously announced during Google I/O 2023, Bard is now getting support for showing images whenever they are relevant to an answer. For example, if you ask it for a list of places to check out while traveling somewhere, Bard will put images of each of those places whenever they’re relevant. You can also, of course, ask it for images directly, and Bard will grant you your wishes.

Asking Bard "show me pictures of cute dogs"

Google Bard is not generating images a la Midjourney or DALL-E — rather, it’ll show you images sourced from the Internet that match your search query, and it will allow you to check out the source of each image individually by tapping/clicking on it. These might be public domain, free-use images, or they might not be. The feature likely isn’t much different than search for images on the Google Images search engine, with the added difference that Bard might be better at interpreting what you want and giving you results based on that.

This change is rolling out to users now, so make sure to check if you got it yet if you’re trying out Bard.

Source: 9to5Google

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