Get Your Apple Gifts in Time for Christmas With This Official Guide – Review Geek

iPhone box tied with a ribbon with a bow in hand close-up.
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Ordering your presents in time to ensure they get on Santa’s sleigh is critical for any holiday shopper. If you’re ordering Apple products, the company just made that task much easier. The company recently published the dates that you need to order your devices by to get them by Christmas.

Here are the Christmas-delivery deadlines as published by Apple (this information is subject to change):

November 15th:

November 30th:

December 9th:

December 13th:

December 14th:

December 19th:

December 21st:

Keep in mind that these dates may change. And in most metro areas you can simply walk into any Apple Store location and get these items right up until Christmas Eve. However, what will be available on that day and location is anybody’s guess.

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