Get a Year of CCleaner Pro for Just $1

Download CCleaner Pro for $1

Bits of cached data get left on your hard drive every time you use your PC. Unless you have a tool designed to hunt down these rogue files and wipe them clean, they could clutter up your computer forever. Luckily, CCleaner Pro can get rid of these files for good, and you can download it for $1 ($29.95 value) for a limited time.

Founded all the way back in 2004, CCleaner is a popular PC maintenance tool that’s built to keep your Windows desktop, laptop, or tablet running like new. It does this by hunting down old, outdated system files that have accumulated from normal use, and scrubbing them from your hard drive. Though it sounds simple, this process can free up gigabytes of vital storage space and make your PC run more smoothly and efficiently.

It doesn’t just remove old and outdated files, either. CCleaner Pro—the same version you can download today for $1—comes with a massive suite of additional features. Some of these include a PC health checkup to make sure your computer is running properly, an internet tracker detection and removal tool to keep your browsing activities private, a driver update system to ensure you’re always up to date on the latest software, and more.

For a limited time, you can redeem one full year of CCleaner Pro for $1 ($29.95 value). That’s a full year to get your PC running like new and to maintain that level of performance for as long as your subscription is active. And don’t worry about a recurring fee — after your full year of CCleaner Pro has lapsed, your subscription will revert back to the free version. You won’t be forced into a paid subscription plan you don’t want, unless you’d like to enjoy CCleaner Pro’s features for years to come.

To activate your full year of CCleaner Pro for a dollar today, subscribe to the How-To Geek Deals Newsletter, and follow the steps on the sign-up thank you page. There is a unique redemption code you will need to grab from that page and enter it here to redeem this offer. You only have several weeks to download CCleaner Pro for $1, so claim it while you can.

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