Dyson Vacuums Are on Sale During Amazon’s Memorial Day Sale – LifeSavvy

A woman hangs up a Dyson vacuum, a Dyson vacuum picks up debris, a person uses a Dyson vacuum to clean a ceiling.

Spring cleaning season might be over, but if you were tidying up your home only to realize your vacuum didn’t quite pick up all the debris on your floors, a new vacuum might be in your future. During Amazon’s Memorial Day sale, you can get one for up to $100 off.

Multiple Dyson vacuums are on sale right now, so if you’ve been waiting for the best time to invest, now might be it.

One of Dyson’s most popular models that’s on sale is the V8 Cordless. The vacuum is designed to work on both hardwood and carpet for a full home clean. And it’s got multiple features to ensure it’s the most thorough clean possible.

The appliance features two power modes that ensure the vacuum works efficiently without wasting power and running down your vacuum time. Then, there’s the hair screw tool, a conical brush bar that easily removes pet hair from surfaces as well as prevents long hairs from tangling within the machine. It’s so effective that the brand says it can even be used on upholstery and pet beds.

Of course, if you’ve got pets, you know how intense pet dander can be. Even with a slight allergy, all that pet hair can set a person off. Well, the Dyson V8 has a filtration system that seals in dust and dander and traps 99.99% of particles. Plus, the no-touch empty feature of the appliance’s bin means you won’t need to engage with it either.

As for the more practical features, the vacuum has up to a 40-minute run time, can transform into a handheld vacuum for cleaning hard-to-reach areas (and your car), and has a mountable docking station for easy storage.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum and have been longing for a Dyson but didn’t want to shell out all that cash, Amazon’s Memorial Day Home Sale is the time to buy.

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