Don’t miss out on this Black Friday cordless vacuum deal!

(Pocket-lint) – Every year Black Friday presents an opportunity to snag something amazing at a discount price. This year, why not choose a Puppyoo cordless vacuum cleaner?

Going cordless is an ongoing trend, and you can finally stop dragging cables and pulling the vacuum along as you clean. The Puppyoo vacuum cleaners are super lightweight and easy to use. Here are two excellent products you can snag during this Black Friday sale.

Puppyoo T11 Mate cordless vacuum cleaner

One of the biggest challenges of choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner is performance. Some manufacturers don’t offer customers the powerful performance to ensure their homes stay clean. But that’s not the case with the Puppyoo T11 Mate.


This unit has a 415W brushless motor and 120AW suction power and offers up to 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge. It performs brilliantly with precise cleaning around corners, edges, and narrow gaps.

The Puppyoo T11 Mate has an eight-cell 1500mAh battery that ensures a long run time and fade-free performance. Also, the T11 Mate has two modes, Standard and Strong. With Standard mode, you can expect moderate suction and up to 40 minutes of runtime.

On the other hand, the Strong mode offers exceptional suction and up to 10 minutes of runtime. However, the actual runtime depends on different factors too. We also need to highlight the filtration system. The Puppyoo T11 Mate is backed by cutting-edge technologies and has a multiple-stage sealed cyclone filtration that captures nearly 100% of fine dust particles.

Of course, the Puppyoo T11 Mate cordless vacuum cleaner has accessories like a crevice nozzle and 2-in-1 square brush. Because it’s so lightweight, you can remove the spiderwebs from the ceiling and clean your home daily without much effort.

Finally, the Puppyoo T11 Mate features LED headlights for easy cleaning under the sofa and comes with a two-year warranty. For Prime Members, you can save $140 ($120 for non-Prime members) during Amazon’s Black Friday deal days. Plus, an additional $20 off if you follow Puppyoo’s Instagram account (@puppyoo_global), bringing the price down to $99.00!

Puppyoo T12 Pure cordless vacuum cleaner

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The T12 Pure features a 170AW suction power and a 535W motor. This combination guarantees a 60-minute runtime during which you can clean the big debris and fine dust. The motorized brush is incredibly durable, and it comes with 2 types of rollers, fits various types of flooring. 

This Puppyoo cordless vacuum cleaner has three modes: Max, Eco, and Auto. The Strong mode allows up to 12 minutes of intense high-suction cleaning, whereas the Eco mode is for light daily cleaning and allows 60-minute runtime.

Also, the built-in smart sensing & adjusting system allows the unit to detect dirt on surfaces and apply appropriate suction, keeping the house constantly clean and tidy! Puppyoo T12 Pure buyers also receive four extra attachments for various house cleaning purposes, like a mattress roller brush.

The magnetic dust bin is removable and washable, which makes it easy to clean without hassle. This vacuum was designed to reduce secondary air pollution and ensure your home stays dust-free and spotless.

It’s also incredibly important to highlight that the vacuum only takes 3.5 hours to charge fully and that it’s a lot less noisy than standard vacuum cleaners. You can find Puppyoo T12 Pure cordless vacuum cleaner for $100 off as a newly launched device and through an Amazon Black Friday deal.

Change the way you clean your home

Once you try cleaning with a cordless vacuum, it becomes clear why it is a superior solution. But not every cordless vacuum is a worthwhile investment. If you want to get a fantastic product at an affordable price, the Puppyoo T11 Mate and T12 Pure are waiting for you as Black Friday deals.

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