Does Diablo 4 support cross-play and cross-progression?

Does Diablo 4 support cross-play and cross-progression?

Diablo 4 supports full cross-play and cross-progression across all of its platforms. This means you can play the game with people using platforms different than your own, and you’ll also be able to keep and synchronize your progress if you choose to play on multiple platforms.

Play Diablo 4 with anyone, on any platform

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Many multiplatform games these days don’t have cross-play or cross-progression across different systems, but hopeful Diablo 4 fans will be happy to know that it’s one of the rare few that supports both. This means that you can party up with anyone playing the game regardless of the platform they’re on, and also that your progress will sync across all the systems you play on.

The reason why cross-play and cross-progression are supported is because all versions of Diablo 4 hook into Blizzard’s network, and because in-game progress is saved on player accounts instead of platform-specific accounts on Xbox and PlayStation. Since everyone has to link their account to their platform and plays on the same servers, there’s nothing stopping players on different systems from playing together. All of your progress also transfers across platforms as long as you use the same account on all of them.

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