Developer shows how GPT-4 can create SwiftUI iPhone apps

It’s been years since we have seen artificial intelligence implemented in many software applications, but more recently ChatGPT and other similar AI have become extremely popular for their ability to generate text, images, and even code. With the announcement of the new GPT-4 from OpenAI this week, users are already exploring its potential. It can even create iPhone apps using SwiftUI.


For those unfamiliar, GPT or Generative Pre-training Transformer is the technology behind the popular ChatGPT. The new version, named GPT-4, shows a “massive leap in the field of natural language processing.” According to the developers, GPT-4 can better understand and generate more human-like text, and can also solve more difficult problems with better accuracy.

And for those who were already surprised by the things you can do with the previous versions of GPT, the new version takes the possibilities even further.

Using AI to build iPhone apps

On Twitter, developer Morten Just demonstrated how he used GPT-4 to create an iPhone app that recommends five new movies to the user every day – just ask the AI to use Apple’s SwiftUI language, and detailed that the app should show trailers and the streaming platforms where each movie is available to watch.

Amazingly, GPT-4 has provided the code for an iPhone app that does exactly what the developer asked for. As shown in a video, the code resulted in a fully functional app that shows a list of five different movies with the description and trailer for each one. The developer said that the first build had some bugs, but GPT-4 fixed them “and apologized” afterwards.

It’s clearer than ever that artificial intelligences are here to stay, and examples like this show the impacts that such AI will have on our lives.

Apple, for example, has reportedly been working on similar technology for its platforms. Earlier this year, The Information reported that the company wants users to be able to create their own apps using Siri in the future. With GPT-4, this seems entirely possible.

Imagine if one day Apple integrates some kind of AI into its Swift Playgrounds tool or even Xcode. This would not only allow average users to learn the basics of coding more easily, but would also help developers to solve more challenging problems in the code of their apps.

Until then, for those interested, Just has shared the source code of the app created by GPT-4 on GitHub.

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