Can I play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck?

Can I play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck?

Even though it’s not being distributed through Steam, Diablo 4 is fully playable on Steam Deck. To download and enjoy the game on Valve’s handheld, though, you’ll need to install Blizzard’s client. The easiest way to do this is to use the helpful Lutris tool.

Play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck with Lutris

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Diablo 4 is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most exciting games of 2023, and even though it’s being distributed with Blizzard’s desktop client, you have no reason to worry if you’re a Steam Deck user hoping to play it. In fact, with some simple Desktop Mode tinkering (have a keyboard and mouse handy), you’ll be able to access the app and Diablo 4 in no time.

Our complete guide on how to play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck goes over the full process, but to summarize, the easiest way to get the game up and running is to use a nifty tool called Lutris (it can be downloaded by searching for it with Discover in the Desktop Mode’s taskbar). With Lutris, you can easily search for and download the app, which you can then use to install and play Diablo 4. 

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