Best RAM for Intel Core i9-13900K 2022

The Intel Core i9-13900K is the flagship processor for the 13th Gen family of CPUs. It has the highest number of cores and threads, as well as the fastest clock speeds. It’s also the most expensive and in order to enjoy what this monster can truly do, you’ll need some of the best RAM available today. We’ve rounded up the best DDR4 and DDR5 right here.

Best RAM for Intel Core i9-13900K

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Choosing the best RAM

The best RAM for any CPU depends on official support by the chip, what you plan on doing with the PC, and how much you’re willing to spend. 13th Gen processors like the Intel Core i9-13900K support DDR4 RAM up to speeds of 3200MT/s or DDR5 RAM at up to 5600MT/s, though using XMP can overclock RAM modules with even faster results.

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