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HYTE Revolt 3Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

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A massive PC case isn’t required to play the latest games, nor is it needed to show off some killer components. Mini-ITX motherboards allow system builders to make every millimeter count in more compact cases like the HYTE Revolt 3, supporting an easy build with rather large GPUs. If you’re looking for something a little different, these are the best Mini-ITX PC cases for your build.

Best overall: HYTE Revolt 3

HYTE Revolt 3Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

This Mini-ITX case comes from HYTE, a perhaps lesser-known name to some, but it blew us away in our HYTE Revolt 3 review. It might take a few design cues from familiar-looking NZXT cases, but it does plenty to stand out on its own with a clean and sleek design, including a pull-out handle for easy transportation.

The Revolt 3 offers impressive thermal performance and plenty of space for larger GPUS and a 280mm AIO cooler radiator, all without breaking the bank. It’s an incredibly affordable PC case with lots to offer and has very few sacrifices since even taller RAM kits like the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro fit just fine.

Building your PC will be a breeze with the Revolt 3, thanks to the four removable external panels that open up tool-free to allow access to everything you need. The only downside worth mentioning is the included PSU suffers from shorter cables, but if you’re planning to install your own SFX power supply this won’t be an issue. Besides that, it’s practically a flawless case.


  • Easy to build with
  • Supports up to 280mm AIO radiators
  • Larger GPUs still fit
  • Clean and cool design


  • Front I/O too close to the bottom
  • Included PSU cables are a little short

Best overall

HYTE Revolt 3

HYTE Revolt 3

The best Mini-ITX case we’ve seen

It might be the first case from HYTE, but they’re off to a winner. Fantastic thermal performance paired with a painless build process makes for a brilliant Mini-ITX gaming PC.

Unique design: Thermaltake Core P1

Thermaltake Core P1Source: Thermaltake

Much like the Core P3 and P5, the P1 is all about being open and showcasing precisely what is powering everything. If you’re looking for a smaller case but still want to show off all your shiny new PC components, this is definitely the case for you. There is loads of space to work with, and it is an incredibly sturdy case, sharing the same design as other Core P cases.

While you can fit a large GPU inside this case and everything looks rather cool, having all the main components out in the open poses an issue regarding dust. Since the case is open on all fronts, you’ll need to have a can of air at the ready for regular bursts to help clear any that settles across the PC.

There’s also a problem with airflow, especially if you don’t use an AIO cooler. Since there’s nowhere to attach case fans, you’ll be relying on whatever you can install to the right of the motherboard, which may result in higher temperatures on your passively cooled motherboard chipset.


  • Unique design
  • Easy to build
  • Can take larger GPUs
  • Can mount to a wall
  • Supports custom water-cooling loops

Unique design

Thermaltake Core P1

Thermaltake Core P1

Show off all your components

The Core P1 from Thermaltake is a unique case in that there’s no front, rear, or top panels. This makes for quite an exquisite PC build if you don’t mind the lack of airflow.

Best value: Cooler Master Elite 110

Cooler Master Elite 110Source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master’s Elite 110 Mini-ITX case is an understated option. Don’t overlook this beauty because of its affordable price tag. Sure, you may not have any RGB lighting or glass panels, but it’s instead a simple, effective, and budget-friendly chassis. Cooler Master put more emphasis on cooling and overall compatibility.

This case has plenty of airflow, thanks in large part to the vast mesh front panel. It also supports full ATX power supplies, can hold a 120mm radiator upfront, and can even contain larger GPUs. If you’re after a case that won’t be the centerpiece to your setup, this is a solid offering from a reliable case builder.


  • Plenty of airflow
  • Massive mesh front panel
  • Supports large GPUs
  • Affordable


  • Lackluster design
  • Cable mess

Best value

Cooler Master Elite 110

Cooler Master Elite 110

Everything you need in a small PC case

You won’t get too excited over the looks of this case, but Cooler Master managed to create a small and compact chassis that rocks plenty of airflow, supports full-size GPUs and PSUs, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Best compact: SilverStone ML09B

SilverStone ML09BSource: SilverStone

If you need to go even smaller than what we’ve covered thus far, this SilverStone case is just what you need. It supports SFX PSUs, Mini-ITX motherboards, low-profile GPUs, and that’s about it. This case is more suited for home servers and NAS installs, allowing you to fit the PC almost anywhere in the house.

Because the ML09B is on the “super small” end of case sizes, you won’t fit a large gaming GPU in this thing, nor will you be able to throw in an Intel Core i9 processor and call it a day. There’s simply not enough space for a cooler that can handle high TDP CPUs. The same goes for the PSU with the drive bay’s loss if you wish to install a slightly more capable unit.

For home servers and low-power NAS setups, this isn’t much of an issue.


  • Super-compact case
  • Lightweight design
  • Good value
  • Vertical or horizontal


  • A little too compact
  • Restrictions on PSU and CPU
  • Low-profile GPU support

Best compact

SilverStone ML09B

SilverStone ML09B

Perfect for a home server

If you plan on building your very own NAS or home media server, you likely won’t require an RTX 2080 Ti, which is where this super-compact chassis from SilverStone comes into play.

Best portable: Lian Li TU-150

Lian Li Tu 150Source: Lian Li

Lian Li has a great solution for those who enjoy attending LAN sessions with the TU-150. It’s a small compact form factor with an integrated handle, making it much easier to carry around. There’s also the premium design with tempered glass side panels and overall high build quality.

This case supports larger GPUs and rocks some outstanding cable management features. The only drawback is the price and cooling support with just two 120mm spots for a blower or AIO.


  • Integrated handle
  • Sleek design
  • Premium build
  • Supports large GPUs
  • Cable management

Best portable

Lian Li TU-150

Lian Li TU-150

Take your PC with you

Lian Li makes some premium PC cases, and the TU-150 is one such excellent example. It’s a sleek-looking chassis with a glass side panel and integrated handle, allowing you to take it to LAN events.

Best NAS: SilverStone DS380B

SilverStone DS380BSource: SilverStone

Building your own NAS requires plenty of drive bays and little else, which is precisely what SilverStone offers with the DS380B. This chassis houses a total of 12 drive mounts with eight hot-swappable 3.5- or 2.5-inch and four fixed 2.5-inch drives. There are plenty of options for installing storage, depending on what you’ll use the NAS for.

The front-panel shield helps prevent dust and other unwanted objects from entering the unit, but it also suffocates the drives slightly with less airflow. Cooling is a little hit and miss, especially considering there are three 120mm fan mount points. It’s also pretty expensive.


  • Plenty of space
  • Hot-swappable drive bays
  • Front panel shield
  • Aluminum design


  • Pricey
  • Poor drive bay cooling

Best NAS

SilverStone DS380B

SilverStone DS380B

Build your own NAS

Fancy building your own NAS? SilverStone has the perfect case with hot-swappable drive bays and three 120mm fan mounts for optimal performance.

Bottom line

When it comes right down to it, the towering cases of old are no longer a necessity. Powerful components are available in smaller and smaller form factors. Bigger is no longer always better. A smaller case might be an efficient and elegant solution to your PC needs, with some Mini-ITX cases rivalling the best PC cases available today.

The best overall ITX case in our collection goes to the HYTE Revolt 3. It’s a superb case with an incredible price, and it’s a complete breeze to build in. Other options in this roundup may suit those who need something a little different or with specific needs. Either way, you’ll be ready to build your killer Mini-ITX PC.

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