Best gaming mouse 2021: the best gaming mice we’ve tested

If you want to get the most out of your gaming sessions, invest in the best gaming mouse you can. They do more than offer pretty RGB lighting – they help you get that edge over the competition. And, with the improved accuracy and speed these mice provide, you’ll get every last ounce of performance from that new best gaming PC beneath your desk or the best graphics card powering your rig.

The difference between one of these and a run-of-the-mill mouse is night and day, whether you’re just diving into a new game or trying to compete with some serious gamers. And, thanks to the best gaming mouse at your disposal, you’ll have improved responsiveness, accuracy, and due to the high-end sensors being used, a much higher DPI. You’ll also have gaming-centric features at your disposal like programmable buttons, weight adjustment, and ergonomic design meant to avoid any pain or injury from long gaming sessions.

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