Bengals CB Eli Apple trolls Bills WR Stefon Diggs with Tweet

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple continued to lean into his reputation as one of the NFL’s premiere trolls on Monday night with a savage joke.

Before Apple struck with his trolling, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs delivered on a passionate series of Tweets on his displeasure of his team’s loss to the Bengals. Since Diggs’ statements were out in the open, Apple decided to respond with a devastating comeback about what the star wideout might be doing with his free time now that Buffalo’s season has ended.

Apple is no stranger to trolling this time of year. This latest wisecrack is further proof of his enjoyment of getting a rise out of his opponents.

Well, Diggs might send Apple a swift block for that witty retort. However, Apple had better hope his Bengals can make it back to the Super Bowl.

If they don’t, you can bet that Diggs might save Apple a spot on the beachfront since they’d both have open February weekends ahead.

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