Apple’s presence at an ad event may offer clues for WWDC 2023

Tor Myhren, Apple’s VP of Marketing Communications

Apple is expanding its participation at the 2023 Cannes Lions advertising festival, indicating the possibility of an advertising announcement at WWDC.

The company usually maintains a low-profile presence during significant industry events. During such events, Apple’s representatives have even gained a reputation for discreetly flipping their lanyards to prevent passers-by from reading their name or company on their badges.

But as Business Insider reports on Thursday, that will change with the 2023 Cannes Lions festival. According to various sources in the advertising industry, Apple has secured a rental space at the Carlton Hotel, located prominently on the Croisette promenade.

Apple executives are set to organize meetings, lunches, and social gatherings at the hotel. Additionally, the company has plans to host a week-long program featuring panel discussions on various topics, such as sports on Apple TV+, Apple News, apps, and the expansion of Apple’s advertising services.

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