Apple TV+ ‘Mythic Quest’ crew’s COVID-19 efforts shown in BTS video

Apple has released a new behind-the-scenes video promoting the second season of “Mythic Quest” on Apple TV+, showing the effort put into making the show safe for production and staff during filming.

The second season of “Mythic Quest” will premiere on Apple TV+ on May 7, and Apple has already started promoting it with trailers and a teaser featuring the testers. On Friday, Apple continued the effort by showing what happened behind the scenes of filming during a pandemic.

Posted to YouTube, the video titled “Welcome Back” shows the cast and crew interacting with each other, interspersed by footage of behind-the-scenes activity and interviews with the cast. While the latter half covers what to expect from the season’s story, earlier sections deal with the challenge brought on by COVID-19.

Footage shows people wearing face masks and shields, a sign and queue for COVID testing, and cast members using elbow touches instead of handshakes. There is also a reference to the production being shut down due to an outbreak, which co-creator and writer Megan Ganz said “Coming back into production really required a lot of patience, a lot of cooperation.”

F. Murray Abraham, who played C.W., was one of the only cast members not to make it onto set, but he still took part via video conferencing. While the video doesn’t explain why this was the case, the Zoom-based nature of the interaction became the source of at least one joke in the show.

The second season covers the team’s attempt to create and launch an expansion for the in-show game, with a continued focus of workplace relations. Among the surprises confirmed for the season is the appearance of Snoop Dogg.

A special bonus episode “Everlight” aired on April 16, showing the team’s return to the office after the pandemic.

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