Apple pushes Rapid Security Response update for iOS 16.4 beta [Version ‘b’ now available]

Following up on releasing the second iOS 16.4 developer and public betas, Apple has pushed a Rapid Security Response update to those on the latest software in testing. It’s unclear for now if this is another test of the Rapid Security Response feature like we’ve seen before or potentially fixing a notable flaw.

Update 3/6: First spotted by Ζουράμπι Μελάτζε on Twitter, Apple has released version “b” of its Rapid Security Response update for the iOS 16.4 beta.

We’re seeing the update here too, it comes in at 3.8 MB in size. That’s compared to the 20.8 MB update of version a that Apple pushed on March 1.

Apple released iOS Security Response 16.4 (a) today, just saying “This Rapid Security Response provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users.

The update shows under Settings > General > Software Update for those running the iOS 16.4 beta and isn’t labeled as a test.

However, when we saw Apple release a similar update during the iOS 16.2 beta, it wasn’t until after the fact that we learned it was indeed just a test.

But hypothetically, if an important flaw was discovered in the beta that couldn’t wait until the next release, this is the mechanism Apple would use to deliver a patch.

The security update comes in at just 20.9 MB in size.

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